3. Make your site usable.
People are impatient when browsing online. You need to make their visit to your site easy every step of the way to keep them in your site and doing business with you.

5. Don't cut corners.
Budget constraints are an issue for everyone, but a cheap site is worse than no site at all. Visitors to a bad site may turn away from you forever; better to wait and do the job right.

4. Don't worry about other websites.
Your website needs to be the best design for your situation. Don't worry about others' sites, because ideas that look cute or clever for them may not work best for you.

6. Get Professional help.
Professionals like the staff at BC Web understand what it takes to make a site effective. We know how to create designs that work for you and your customers.

2. Build your website for your customer.
You know your business from the inside out, but your customers don't. Put yourself in their shoes so that your site will be designed to meet their needs foremost.
1. Analyze your customers
Learn what your customers are seeking and understand their expectations. Listen to their questions during phone calls, letters, and in-person to anticipate their needs in your website.

Seven Steps to:
Building An Effective Website

7.Follow-up with your customers.
Every website should be refined by feedback from your customers. Talk to those that use your site and those that don't; find out what they like and what they don't like.